Melons Greengrocer prides itself on supplying seasonal and local produce where possible.  The highest quality is our main priority, using only the best local suppliers and wholesalers. We also buy from local farmers within a 20 mile radius.

Everyday our produce is ordered in fresh, for the finest quality produce possible.  Most fruits and vegetables are best when in prime season, while others are available all year round.  A large selection of our produce is English/Local, however we also use other countries for their fantastic quality produce, including exotic fruits.

Here are a few examples of English and local produce we supply at certain times of the year.

New potatoes:
May - September
Corn on the cobs:
August - October
May - June
Runner beans:
July - September
Broad beans:
May - September
Peas in pods:
June - September
Red currants:
June - September
July - September
July and August
June - September

As well as our extensive range of Fruits and vegetables, Melons Greengrocer also sell a wide selection of other local produce.

Eggsolicious eggs – Fantastic Free range eggs from Laxfield, Suffolk (5 miles away)

Lynda’s Pantry Jams and Chutneys – Local producer who makes all her goods from her fully certified kitchen in Halesworth  (1/2 mile away)

Scarlett and Mustard – Salad dressings, curds and oils made in Earl Soham (20 miles away)

James White drinks – Cordials and juices made in Ashbocking, Ipswich (25 miles away)

Ferguson Suffolk Honey – Beautiful set and runny honey from James' own beehives in Framingham (15 miles away)

Marybelle and Pur Natur organic yoghurts/milk – Local dairy in Walpole (3 miles away)

Veg & Salads Fruit Local &

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